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Steelers Bars in the Steeler Nation


Sideline Sports Bar

Sideline Sports Bar in Bellevue, Washington

Maurice submitted this Bellevue, Washington Steelers Bar and says:

This has been a Steelers bar for the last 14 years. I have been going there for 12. We dominate the bar and everyone knows who bar it is. Good food and the staff is great. Lots of parking and easy to find. Also all the Seahawks fans just love the fact Steelers fan are in their city.

Back in 2006 during Super Bowl XL, the Pittsburgh Steelers played against the Seattle Seahawks. You might think this would disrupt the fact that Sideline caters to Steelers fans, but not at all. Here are some excerpts from news articles during that time:

At Sideline Sports Bar in Bellevue, a green-tile pathway served as the Berlin Wall of Football. On one side were about 100 Steelers fans; on the other, about 40 people rooting for the Seahawks.

The Steelers contingent was hard to beat, with their Terrible Towels and fans such as Mo Goodwin of Snoqualmie stalking the tile pathway and shouting down Seahawks cheers. (Full article)

At the Sideline Sports Bar in Bellevue, a regular haunt of Steelers fans, managers are expecting a Super Bowl crowd with a strong contingent for each team, and they are setting up a tent to double the restaurant’s 150-person capacity.

“We’ve never seen anything like this,” assistant manager Steve Hunt said. “The Steelers fans have been coming here for years, and now we’re seeing Seahawks fans coming out of the woodwork.” He hopes the two groups co-exist peacefully on game day, and says managers are still discussing security arrangements. (Full article)

People also left Steelers related comments on their  Yelp page.

Sideline Sports Bar in Bellevue, Washington

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Hey Steeler Nation, if you're new to the bar, always call in advance and ask if they still welcome Steelers fans. Tell them you found their place on Be sure to review the place below after yor visit to help other fans!
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1 Review

  1. Michael Bright

    12/04/2017 at 7:59 pm

    This is not a Steeler bar, I called and they said they haven’t been for a few years….this sucks big Monday night game and I have no place to go 🙁

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