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Steelers Bars in the Steeler Nation

Steelers Bars in the Steeler Nation

Players Pub & Grill at Westy’s Garden Lanes


Players Pub & Grill at Westy’s Garden Lanes

Players Pub & Grill in Boise, Idaho is a Steelers friendly bar that is attached to a bowling alley called Westy’s Garden Lanes.

An article by confirms:

Fans of the Cleveland Browns and Pittsburgh Steelers meet at Players Pub & Grill…

… the joint is taken over by rowdy Steelers diehards.

“The Steelers – they get mouthy, they get loud, they scream,” says bar manager Dorothy McIntire. “I think I’m going to get an air horn, so every time the Steelers score, I’m going to blow that thing. That’ll really get ’em stimulated!”

Submitted by Mark who says:

Large crowd of Steeler fans for every game. I’m from Pittsburgh and was welcomed immediately…These are hard core STEELER FANS. Everyone in uniform and flying the colors. They made me feel like I was in a bar in Pittsburgh, Except they all talk a little funny..LOL

Any Steeler fan would feel at home in this environment. GO STEELERS

Visit Players Pub & Grill at Westy’s Garden Lanes

Hey Steeler Nation, if you're new to the bar, always call in advance and ask if they still welcome Steelers fans. Tell them you found their place on Be sure to review the place below after yor visit to help other fans!
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1 Review

  1. Scott

    08/19/2015 at 6:53 pm

    Based on my experiences, it’s the largest contingency of Steelers fans in the Treasure Valley, and they seem to be a close-knit group (which has its good and bad points as one could call them cliquish too). There’s not one singular go-to place for fans to meet up, but this place drew the biggest crowd of all the bars I tried out. Heads up: this place also hosts the local Browns contingency too.

    While it hosts the most supporters, I hated coming here. Unfortunately this housed the dumbest Steelers fans I’ve ever come across. Yes, they do get mouthy and loud like the bar manager said. Nothing wrong with that in of itself. Unfortunately they would be like that when a call went against the Steelers’ favor when replay would show that the call was justified. It happened repeatedly during the course of the game with these people yelling and cursing at the screen even when it was painfully obvious that the correct call was made. Throw common sense out the window with these people. It happened time and time again and got really annoying to deal with. I gave them another shot but it was the same situation. It wasn’t just me thinking this way. My second time there, I sat next to two groups of first-timers behind where the regulars sit. When the complaining started up again, some of the people in one group would look at me funny and gesture towards the regulars. At halftime, I talked to both groups. Each group asked if it was like that the whole time. I told them I’d been there one other time and it was the same people acting the same way. One group was so annoyed that they left at halftime to go to another bar. The second group stayed until the end but said they were never coming back.

    Unfortunately I don’t have any recommendations for an alternate location. I would be told one place was a Steelers bar only to show up and find out otherwise. Most of the bigger bar-and-grills like Crescent or Pinnacle will always have a small group of fans, but they’re by no means “Steelers bars.”

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