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Steelers Bars in the Steeler Nation

Steelers Bars in the Steeler Nation


Shanna Key Irish Pub & Grill

Shanna Key Irish Pub Steelers Bar in Key West, Florida

Shanna Key is an Irish Pub in Key West, Florida that supports the Pittsburgh Steelers. They don’t have Steelers images on their main website, but on their Facebook page it is clear the the Steelers are their football team of choice. At the time of this listing, they have a profile pic of a cheese grater with a Steelers logo… for Super Bowl 45 against the Packers.

Submitted by Alissa who says:

Shanna Key is great for Steelers fans because when you walk in the door, you see nothing but Steelers paraphernalia EVERYWHERE! Having this little Steelers haven, in the middle of Key West of all places, is the perfect place for both tourists and locals to cheer on the best NFL team in the league. And Shanna Key being an Irish pub, no less, you get the best of everything: great food, lots of beer, Steelers fans = glorious!

This was found on their website:

If NFL football is more to your taste, settle in on Sunday because we also carry the full NFL ticket. If the Steelers are playing, get excited and expect a very lively crowd – we are also the Southernmost Steelers bar!

This is Key West’s Official Steelers Bar

Visit Shanna Key Irish Pub & Grill

Hey Steeler Nation, if you're new to the bar, always call in advance and ask if they still welcome Steelers fans. Tell them you found their place on Be sure to review the place below after yor visit to help other fans!
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3 Reviews

  1. Angie

    12/04/2011 at 2:37 pm

    Went to Shana’s when we were in Key West for Fantasy Fest. We got there over an hour before and it was hard to find a seat, as there was so many Steeler’s fans there. Had a great time, I would recommend

  2. Daram

    08/08/2014 at 12:27 pm

    Great place to watch Steelers. Great site here too. Go Steelers!

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