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Steelers Bars in the Steeler Nation

Steelers Bars in the Steeler Nation

Bentz’s Pizza Pub (and Pittsburgh Room!)


Bentz’s Pizza Pub (and Pittsburgh Room!)

Bentz's Pittsburgh Room in Alabama

Submitted by the owner, Mark, who says

We’ve been in business over 5 years, and we represent Pittsburgh each
and every day. GO STEELERS!!!

Their Steelers page says:

The Steeler game is always on at Bentz’s Pittsburgh Room! Come by to watch the game, and come by any other day for great pizza and sandwiches

Bentz’s proudly serves Iron City beer.

Home of the Lower Alabama Steelers Country

Bentz's Pizza Pub Steelers Bar in Alabama

Visit Bentz’s Pizza Pub (and Pittsburgh Room!)

Hey Steeler Nation, if you're new to the bar, always call in advance and ask if they still welcome Steelers fans. Tell them you found their place on Be sure to review the place below after yor visit to help other fans!
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2 Reviews

  1. Ben Craig

    12/08/2011 at 5:15 pm

    Just moved to Daphne & cant wait to visit Yinz dahn Nahr N Naht ! Go Steelers !

    Looks Great !

  2. Thomas

    11/27/2016 at 5:11 am

    You should post on facebook there are hundreds of us out here.

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