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Steelers Bars in the Steeler Nation

Steelers Bars in the Steeler Nation

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Pittsburgh Steelers fans going wild at a Steelers Bar!!!

This site is your map to finding like-minded fans all over the world. With help from the community, this database will be full of bars and restaurants known to be friendly to the black and gold. If you have a favorite Steelers bar, submit the details in the form and we will spread the word. You don’t have to be in the City of Champions to be part of the team. It’s not called the Steeler Nation for nothing!

Other Steelers bars lists and sites are outdated and often contain venues that are not considered Steeler friendly territory. hand selects each bar on the site and we do our best to confirm that they are the real deal. In each listing, you will find more than simply the names and addresses of each bar. provides you with photo proof, map links, address, phone number, website, and any available information that confirms the bar is a true Steelers bar.

Let’s work together on making Pittsburgh Steelers bars known throughout the Steelers Universe!

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